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            Qixia Silver-Cloud Piston & Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd.(SCP-SCH): as, a full-invested subsidiary of GuanYi Group, one of the founders of Shandong Qixia Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD, and a council member of CICEIA –China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association,locates on the beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula, the Capital of Apple—Qixia City, Shandong Province.

            SCP-SCH, had once been a state-owned company since founded at 1956. Been created Brand of Qixia Yinyun since 1982.Focused on domestic OEM market, combined R&D, manufacture and distribution as one on Alu. Engine Piston, hydraulic pumps& motors, and oil pumps as well. Among of which,“YaShan” series products had obtained Famous Brand Awards from Shandong Province.

            After privatized on 2011 by GuanYi Group, aiming on global market, SCP-SCH has been speeding up to update software and hardware by a large range...  ...

          Product introductionMORE >>

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